Camila Cabello loves her “stretch marks and obesity,” shutting down body shamers in the process.

Camila Cabello is proud of her curves and has sent out an inspirational message to her fans encouraging them to accept themselves no matter what.

The 24-year-old singer of “Seorita” posted a video on TikTok on Friday titled “I love my body,” in which she revealed that she was made to feel insecure about her tummy while out for a run.

The former Fifth Harmony member remembered, “I was simply running in the park minding my own business, trying to remain fit, trying to keep things healthy.” “I’m also wearing a garment that reveals my stomach,” she added, panning down to reveal her black crop top and exercise trousers.

“And I wasn’t tucking it in because I was rushing around and existing like a normal person who doesn’t always tuck it in,” she remarked, her tone and facial emotions exaggerated.

“And I was like, ‘Damn,'” she added, but she didn’t elaborate on a specific instance of body shaming. “But then I realized that fighting your body was very last season.”

“I am thankful for this body because it allows me to do what I need to do. We’re genuine women, complete with curves, cellulite, stretch marks, and body fat. And we’ve got to take responsibility for it, baby. “

The singer finished her video by singing a portion of En Vogue’s “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” while running her hands up and down her tummy and chest.

Shawn Mendes, her boyfriend and another pop artist, is evidently unconcerned about her weight, as the two have been together for two years.


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