About Us

The technologyinfo.us is a site committed to providing audiences wide information on the ever-changing technological industry – gadgets, trends, research, hot topics, and the like. With a team of I.T. writers, researchers, investors, company representatives, and even tech enthusiasts, the technologyinfo.us aims to deliver high-value reviews and tech information to its customers. 

How We Do This

We at technologyinfo.us don’t just recommend products to our customers. We spend hours verifying and consolidating information collected from sources. Sometimes, we even direct-email tech companies for basic product information. In terms of product quality, we don’t just rely with brand resources, we collect substantial information from expert figures – technicians, social media influencers, and affiliate reviewers. To obtain the freshest tech information on development and research, we engage only with official sources. 

Which Products Do We Choose?

We at technologyinfo.us maintain a good following on social media influencers. Acknowledging social media as the dominant platform for today’s information, we look into this for product trends. Upon having listed the products, we rank them up via our research pool for final review. Here, we choose products with a consolidated high-quality ranking based on categorization.

Our Mission:

The technologyinfo.us believes that the tech genre is a lifestyle. And so, we at technologyinfo.us are fully committed to delivering high-value information to our customers in terms of reviews, ranks, research, and all information related to it. But these measures are simply not enough.  We collect experiences to satisfy experience. We build communities for people who share the same values, joys and success in the tech industry. 

Our Ethics:

technologyinfo.us ranks among the high-traffic websites in the world. Thus, it observes a solid range of ethics from privacy protection rights to editorial integrity. While the products we recommend return us advertising fees via purchases, our editorial is not mainly biased to any brands or sponsors. With that, we ensure to promote a full list of brands that pass our extensive review standards. All-in-all, we promote product quality, not brand. 

Our Team:

Jacy Dern, Ph.D

Dr. Jacy Dern is a Mechanical Engineering graduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As a founder and CEO of the technologyinfo.us, Jacy tracks a rich history of recognition, experiences, and partnership that span decades. Several robotics programs in many parts of the country are attributed to her name such as Annual Mechatronics Competition, Grand Jury Robotics Scholarship Program, A.I. Humanidades Research Venture Program, and the most popular, Dern Annual Robotics Fare. According to a R.Tech Magazine 2020 issue, Dern ranks among the top 50 richest tech women in the country. The technologyinfo.us is just one of the many programs Dern currently manages. 

Akira San Hurakami

Akira heads technologyinfo.us’s research and writing team. Having taught Information Technology at prestigious universities in Japan, Paris, and Amsterdam for more than two decades before moving to the U.S., he builds a career on website programming in many parts of the country. 

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