Privacy Policy

The treats your privacy with utter care discretion. This privacy policy details how we gain and use web visitor information. 

Routine Information Collection uses web trackers to gather web visitor information as a company routine measure. This information covers all access details from I.P. address, browser information, timestamps, referrals, links, and many more, except private individual identity. 

Cookies and Web Beacons

The uses special yet common features like cookies and web beacons to look into their web visitor’s browsing nature and intent. Once the cookies collect this basic information, it interprets this information as a pattern of interest. The now takes hold of this information so that in turn, it can recommend ads, pages, and other links for expanding the visitor’s preferences. 

Partner sites of the may intend to use this same information for the fulfilment of their own purposes covered in their own privacy policy. 

Controlling Your Privacy

If you find cookie access and other factors to be a privacy issue, edit your browser settings to block it. However, this requires only doing it per site as blocking cookies for all affects your browsing experience in other sites. 

Special Note About Google Advertising

Google and its affiliate companies utilize cookie data from Google-powered site platforms. They use this data to analyse traffic behavior, preferences, demographics, and other related information. Once tracked, they send ad recommendations to specific browsing addresses. As mentioned, all these actions exist within their independent privacy policy ethics. Learn how to control your privacy from Google usage here.

Collected contact information 

The (Domain name) strictly observes ethical measures in handling your information. These measures include protecting, preserving, and addressing this information by providing you a better browsing experience. Let it also be known that the company is bound to send you updates like product offers, enhancements, and other services.

Contact Information

Contact us for more information on the matter. 

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