The right’s coordinated assault on Critical Race Theory in North Carolina is the subject of a new PW special report.

Conservatives believe there is a plot to indoctrinate youngsters in schools, while skeptics dismiss the charges as cynical political theater.

Despite the fact that many educators claim the concept is not taught in public schools, a well-organized and rising movement to eliminate Critical Race Theory from American classrooms has taken root in North Carolina.

Critical Race Theory is an academic topic that studies how racism has affected law and policy in the United States. CRT arose as an extension of critical legal studies in the legal academy in the 1980s.

Critics worry that it will be used to persuade young, vulnerable kids that America and white people are inherently racist. They frequently tell anecdotes about young white children who, after learning difficult realities about American racism in school, return home hurt by the realization that the country has been faulty in its treatment of blacks and other people of color in the past.

Attacks against CRT have sparked heated arguments among educators, lawmakers, and parents in conservative strongholds across the state in recent months. The Education First Alliance (a project linked with The Lawfare Project, a New York-based charity) organizes “bootcamps” to teach parents how to fight against face mask laws and other controversial educational policies. However, the CRT is the principal target of the group’s criticism. “Our government is using 400 years of history to caricature, vilify, shame, and collectively penalize teachers and children, and we will not accept it with taxpayers’ money,” EFA president Sloan Rachmuth told Policy Watch.

Rachmuth often attends Republican Party meetings at the county level to discuss CRT and plan tactics to keep it out of classrooms. Policy Watch was recently refused access to a virtual session offered by the Craven County GOP for county residents.

“There are significant difficulties in bringing events from 400 years ago into the present,” Rachmuth added. “You see, that’s what Critical Race Theory does, and that’s what they teach; you’re going to reconnect every child in that room with exactly what happened 400 years ago, not from a historical or enlightened perspective, but from the perspective that this happened then, it happens now, and it will always happen,” she says.


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