How to unpublish wix [July. 2021]

Wix is a website builder that lets you create your own site from scratch. It’s also now possible to delete those sites and unpublish them. This article will guide you through how to do just that, so read on!

Step One: Log in or Sign Up for Wix if You’re Not Already Signed In

To get started with deleting your account all together, log into the Wix dashboard and click “My Account.” If you are not already signed up with Wix, complete this process first by clicking “Create an Account” at the top of the screen. The only information required during registration is email address and password; there’s no need to upload any other files like a resume or photo seen when signing up for other social networking services.

Step Two: Delete Your Account by Clicking “Delete Account”

Once you have logged in, click “Account Settings,” then scroll to the bottom of that page and find “delete account.” Click this link. You will be asked how sure you are about deleting your Wix account; make sure it’s 100% because once clicked, there is no going back! This process can take a few minutes – just sit tight while we do some housekeeping on our side.

Step Three: Unpublish Your Site if You Want It Gone Forever

If after having deleted your Wix account you decide later that you want to unpublish your site as well, go to My Sites and see how many sites you have available for editing. Click on one of them (or all of them if you want to unpublish everything) and there will be a “Delete Site” button on the right side. If only one site is available for editing, it’s not necessary to click into that site before finding the Delete Site link – just look for the red X at upper-right corner.

Step Four: Contact Customer Support

If you are unable to complete step three or run into any other problems with deleting your account, email customer support from within Wix by clicking “Contact Us”. This way they can help! They have live chat enabled during business hours as well as phone numbers should in case anything comes up outside of those times. Feel free to use whichever contact method best suits how urgent your needs are.

Step Five: Check Your Emails for Confirmation and Information

At this point, you should have confirmation that your account was deleted successfully. If not, it may be because of how long the deletion process takes or if there are any other issues with how quickly we can update customer databases. This is why when deleting an account on Wix, we always recommend confirming by email as well – just in case! The email will contain all information about how to confirm that your site has been removed from our search engine indexes and how to keep your personal data safe once again.

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