Best Nest Cam Indoor: A Review of the Google Nest Camera [July 2021]

Google Nest Cam is a security camera that lets you keep an eye on your home while you’re away. You can talk to people inside of the house, see what they are doing and hear their conversations using the app and mic. This camera has 1080P HD video with wide viewing angle so you don’t miss any details!

Nest cam key features: 1080P HD video with wide viewing angle, can hear what’s happening through the mic and talk back using the app. Latest wifi security technology to make sure your connection is safe!

You may have seen a Nest Cam in one of their TV commercials or when they launched last year. This camera has all sorts of cool features that are great for people who want to keep an eye on things from afar while still being able to communicate via talking or text messages.

Few features of google nest cam

QUICK, EASY SETUP – Nest Cam is designed to be set up in minutes. Simply plug it into an outlet and connect it to Wi-Fi.

– ON YOUR PHONE 24/7 – With the free Nest app, you can see what your camera sees from your phone, tablet or laptop. You can also talk back through the Nest app and listen in with the built-in speaker and microphone.

– LIVE VIDEO ALERTS – Get notified when there’s activity in front of your Nest Cam Indoor so that you never miss a thing.

– CLEAR AS DAY – Even at night, Night Vision evenly illuminates the whole room so that you can see everything clearly.


How long to setup google nest cam indoor?

A lot of people ask "how long does it take to setup google nest cam indoor?" This blog post will answer these questions and more!

Nest Cam is a favorite amongst home security enthusiasts. It is easy to setup and has an app that can be used for viewing live feed from anywhere in the world. The Nest Cam Indoor version has been specifically designed for use indoors as it is not weatherproof, but does come with a mount suitable for placement on a table or shelf up to 10 feet high.

How long does it take to setup a Nest Cam indoor? The process is simple, but will differ depending on your internet connection and the type of router you are using. To get started, plug in the power cord for the camera.

Connect an Ethernet cable from your modem or router to your computer, then connect another Ethernet wire from your computer to the back of the Nest Cam (you can also use Wi-Fi). Once both connections are established go ahead and open up a web browser window and check all guides here. What you'll see next is an account sign-in page where you'll need to enter in credentials for either Google or Facebook should you have already set those up with Nest before starting this installation process

Why nest cam is mostly use

Nest cam is a camera that may be hidden or exposed and streams live video footage to your phone when there's motion detected. The Nest Cam also has two-way audio so you can hear what’s going on at home as well! It even sends alerts if it detects an intruder, which means no more missing out of the fun things happening in your own backyard.

If something catches fire then they'll send emergency alerts too because let's face it - fires are scary AF and we've all been guilty of not paying attention once before...and who knows how many times since? Not us though because now with this little nifty gadget we don't have to worry about anything ever again!! Welcome peace of mind friends!!!


 We recommend the Nest Cam as a way to keep an eye on your home while you're away. It's easy-to-install, works with other smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and provides crisp HD video day or night. Plus it automatically sends notifications when someone is in front of its motion sensor - so if anything happens at home while you're out, you'll be alerted immediately. If that sounds good to you too, give us a call today for more information about this product!

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