how to block adults websites in windows 10 [Feb-2022]

Parents worry often about what their children might do online. Parents don’t want their children to visit adult websites that have obscene or vulgar content, but they also don’t want them to be a victim to these sites.

If your children are tech-savvy, they may come across adult websites that you don’t want them to.

Parents can’t control the entire session of their children manually. You need a system that can work in the background to prevent your children from accessing adult websites, even when you’re not there.

Click on the Start Menu.

Settings gear.

Visit Family and Other People

Click the link to “Manage family settings online”

Click the Web Browsing link.

Click the “Block inappropriate sites” button.

This stops the account’s ability to use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to access content on adult websites.

You should not only block adult websites, but also limit access to search engines that may display vulgar images in search results. CleanBrowsing automatically conducts secure searches on Google and Bing as well as Youtube. You may have to manually change each browser and search engine to a safe mode if you use another Internet filter.

It’s easier to search the Internet using search. Bing and Google make it easy to search the Internet quickly. This is why Windows 10 should be used to block obscene websites.

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