The importance of Andre Iguodala’s return to the Warriors can not be overstated.

Reunion tours might be difficult to see if you don’t have any ties to the band. The people on stage are older, and the presentation doesn’t have the same punch it used to. They’ve lost part or all of the spark that made them unique.

But that’s fine. Because the show is geared toward people who are linked. The reunion tour’s purpose is to sell nostalgia to those fine people, to transport them back in time, if only for a few moments.

This season, the Warriors will go on a reunion tour. The core four players from the team’s initial run to previously inconceivable greatness have reunited for one final run. While I don’t believe Andre Iguodala’s return will turn the Warriors into title contenders, I do believe there will be plenty of nostalgic moments — moments when Warriors fans are taken back in time.

And that’s far more valuable than the veteran’s minimum wage.

Even a cold-hearted pessimist like me finds delight and solace in Iguodala’s return to the Bay on a one-year deal, no matter how serious we may be about basketball.

Iguodala isn’t the same player he was in the early stages of the Warriors’ dynasty. He isn’t, of course. Before being traded away in the summer of 2019, he had lost a step. On the court, however, he can still make a significant contribution. The news of his death has been widely exaggerated.

His impact off the court, however, will be much greater for the Dubs.

In his first stay with the Warriors, Iguodala was already a player-coach. He quickly accepted Steve Kerr’s gospel and had no qualms about preaching the gospel of ball movement and switching defenses to anyone willing (and some who were not).

Kerr referred to Iguodala as the Warriors’ “babysitter” during their glorious years together. Iguodala would enter the game and calm things down anytime Steph Curry and Draymond Green were too enraged — if the Warriors’ defense lost its coherence. On the court, he was the ultimate operator, with an all-around IQ, the ability to run points, and defensive wizardry that were crucial to the Warriors’ rise to juggernaut status. Iguodala’s clothes make up a large portion of the three title banners that hang in Chase Center.

While it will be great to see Curry, Green, Klay Thompson, and Iguodala back on the same team, the veteran forward’s worth will be greater in mentoring the Warriors’ inexperienced youngsters. Some young, naive males are in desperate need of that positive news.

Iguodala will most likely be the Warriors’ backup point guard this season. That could change, but I doubt it given the Dubs’ goals of controlling money and overall age. The soon-to-be 18-year veteran maintains his physical fitness.


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