Sean O’Malley wins his 14th professional fight via TKO over Moutinho.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Sean O’Malley reigned victorious in his seventh professional Ultimate Fighting Championship match, this time defeating Kris Moutinho via technical knockout to improve his total record to 14-1.

Despite Moutinho’s early aggression, O’Malley remained composed and put on a show, landing over 70% of his total strikes and recording the bout’s sole knockdown in the first round.

From there, O’Malley appeared to be in command, with claiming that he landed 112 of the fight’s 163 head punches.

In the third round, O’Malley was able to put Moutinho away with a rapid double jab followed by another powerful shot, prompting UFC referee Herb Dean to call the fight a TKO.

With the victory, O’Malley improves to 14-1 in the UFC and has a chance to get into the top 15 rankings.


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