Peyton Manning mocks Tom Brady in his Hall of Fame speech for the Indianapolis Colts.

Almost every Tom Brady joke now feels cliched, owing to the fact that they always end up being compliments.

“Oh, he’s so old and still so good!” exclaims the audience. When his son has his own son to kiss, he’ll still be playing! “It starts off as a joke about Brady’s age, but it quickly devolves into another awe-struck statement about how long he’s managed to not only survive, but dominate.

However, it was left to Colts icon Peyton Manning to break the run and find something to chastise Brady about on stage in Canton: his strange return to social media use.

Because, although Brady’s dominance on the field as he approaches his mid-40s is strange enough, his Instagram and Twitter accounts look like they belong to a much younger man.

By the time Brady arrives at the Hall, Manning believes he won’t even give a speech. It’ll just be a well-written and snappy Instagram post, most likely ghostwritten by a 22-year-old who has truly “caught” Brady’s “voice” (e.g., strange jokes and pranks). A strike at Brady’s Instagram followers, just where it hurts the most these days.

Everyone who has opted to increase Tom Brady’s social media is, I’m sure, a wonderful person. But he’s come a long way from the perplexing Crocodile-based cartoons, which were lovably insane, and now has a pitch-perfect, “wink wink, nudge hint” highly internet version of himself across all media. This irritates me greatly.

Brady isn’t known for “hilariously trolling” anyone. Brady hasn’t split our sides, rolled around on the floor, or tilted our heads sideways while weeping (three times) in years. However, it took Manning to make his argument properly on the largest platform.


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