Megan Fox took an ayahuasca journey to Hell.

After consuming ayahuasca, Megan Fox “went to Hell for all eternity.”

On a trip to Costa Rica, the ‘Till Death’ actress and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly participated in a spiritual ritual with the psychoactive tea-which causes auditory and visual hallucinations-and she explained that the setting was unlike anything she’d expected in order to make people “

On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!,’ she stated to guest presenter Arsenio Hall: “So we traveled to Costa Rica to do ayahuasca with indigenous people in a proper atmosphere.

“So I was seeing it as glamping, as if it were going to be a five-star experience.

“But when you arrive, you realize you’re in the middle of the jungle, and you won’t be able to eat until after 1 p.m. You must walk a long way to obtain water, and you are unable to shower due to the drought.

“It wasn’t glamorous in the least, and it’s all part of the process of making you vulnerable, so you surrender to the experience.”

The group had to “vomit everything” out of their bodies to begin the process.

“You all line up at the edge of the rainforest, over this strange fence, and you go three by three and drink lemongrass tea until you just vomit everything out of your body,” she explained.

And you have to vomit a specific amount before they allow you to rejoin the rest of the group, so you’re basically cheering them on as they throw up. “

Although the couple was apprehensive about being ill in front of “20 strangers” at first, it turned out to be “such a good bonding experience” since it made them “ready to go into the wedding that night” because they shed all vanity.

The ceremony lasted three days and was described as “very intense.”

Megan expressed herself as follows: “Everyone’s journey is unique, but I went to Hell for eternity on the second night.

“Knowing that there is no beginning, medium, or end is torturous in and of itself. As a result, you’ve experienced a true ego death. “

The 35-year-old model, however, believed that the ritual may help in a way that “surpasses conversation therapy or hypnotherapy.”

She continued, “” It simply penetrates your spirit and transports you to the psychological cage in which you find yourself.

“So it’s your own little hell, and I was certainly present.”

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