Johnson & Johnson has issued a recall for five Neutrogena

Five of Johnson & Johnson’s aerosol sunscreen products have been recalled after low quantities of benzene, a chemical associated with blood malignancies like leukemia, were discovered in some samples.

Beach Defense aerosol sunscreen, Cool Dry Sport aerosol sunscreen, Invisible Daily Defense aerosol sunscreen, and Ultra Sheer aerosol sunscreen are among the Neutrogena sunscreens recalled, as well as Aveeno Protect + Refresh aerosol sunscreen. Although using the items “would not be expected to cause serious health repercussions,” the health-care behemoth unilaterally decided on the recall “out of an abundance of caution,” according to a statement.

“While benzene is not a component in any of our sunscreen products, it was found in some samples of the impacted aerosol sunscreen finished products,” Johnson & Johnson said, noting that the recall affected all SPF levels and sizes. The business did not reveal the benzene levels found in its tests, but claimed in a statement that “daily exposure to benzene in these aerosol sunscreen products at the levels observed in our testing would not be expected to have severe health consequences,” citing exposure modeling and EPA recommendations.

Following the release of the Valisure report, Johnson & Johnson “immediately initiated a complete end-to-end audit of our manufacturing process and raw materials, including internal testing and a thorough data review,” according to an email from the company. The company is still looking into what caused the contamination.


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