Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have made their Instagram relationship official.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s long-awaited reunion may finally be occurring, according to Bennifer fans.

Lopez shared photographs of herself kissing someone who appears to be Affleck on her birthday on Saturday. He wasn’t mentioned in the post because she didn’t tag him.

She captioned the Instagram photographs, “5 2… what does it do?”

In a video montage released on Instagram by fellow actress and friend Leah Remini on Friday, the singer and actress, who turned 52, was also seen with Affleck. Photos and snippets from Remini’s birthday party in June were featured in the film.

The couple, who initially dated 19 years ago, were photographed by paparazzi earlier this summer, following Lopez’s four-year relationship with fiance and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Affleck and Lopez met on the set of the rom-com “Gigli,” where they played crooks stuck in the same job and became a real-life friendship. After being together for over a year, the two almost married and parted in 2004.

Following their split, Affleck married Jennifer Garner, an actress, in a secret ceremony. The couple, who had three children together, divorced in 2017 after splitting in 2015.


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