In Her Happy Place—The Stage—We Remember Whitney Houston’s Heavenly Birthday

Whitney Houston, the late music legend, was known as “The Voice” for a reason. She possessed one of the greatest voices of our time, and she relished the opportunity to share it with the world until her sad death at the age of 48.

Houston died unexpectedly in Los Angeles on the eve of the Grammy Awards on February 11, 2012. Many of the films and television shows about Houston’s life that have been released since her death have focused on the tragic aspects of her life and the personal and family drama she faced behind the scenes.

While Houston’s public battles with drugs and alcohol were a part of her story, which she admitted to while she was with us, it’s impossible to talk about her history-making legacy without acknowledging that not only was her one-of-a-kind voice a gift to the world, but she was happiest and most at ease when performing for us—her biggest fans.


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