“Functional Cinema With No Passion” is how I would describe ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie.’

It’s difficult to dislike anything that does exactly what it claims to do. Sure, a towel rack can be considered visually unappealing. But one can’t say they don’t like it as long as it keeps a towel from taking up valuable floor space. That’s where I’m at with PAW Patrol: The Movie, funnily enough. As someone who has never seen the television series, I needed this film to achieve one thing: establish a case for why the kids adore it so much. It has to portray cute, plushy pets rescuing people in risky situations in particular. Despite all of the film’s flaws, it does manage to do that right.

In reality, the movie excels at sticking to a formula. This is a demonstration of rescue dogs in action, and they do it with style. Every member of the PAW Patrol has a transforming vehicle, and they are as beautiful as they are functional. A fire engine, for example, has a ladder that can reach the heights of multiple multi-story structures. There’s also a helicopter that can transform into a jet if it requires more power to fly. To be honest, these transitions become more of a spectacle than anything the dogs accomplish at times. Nonetheless, none of it suggests that the picture is betraying its intended audience.


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