Bobby Bowden is remembered for his greatness and humility throughout his life.

Bobby Bowden, the former head coach of Florida State University football, died early Sunday morning at the age of 91, accompanied by his family.

Even if it was announced a few weeks ago that the moment would come sooner rather than later, it doesn’t make writing this any easier.

Coach Bowden was a fantastic football coach, probably the best of all time. However, based on what I’ve read since Sunday morning and over the past few weeks, his coaching career paled in contrast to who he was as a man. When I first heard the news, I wondered what I could say that hadn’t already been said. It’s difficult to pull it all together since there are so many stories on the field and from former players.

I began to think about life as a whole and how fleeting it is as I sat in church this morning (no doubt where Coach Bowden would have gone if able), and then I began to read the tributes from past players and coaches. I thought to myself, and this is just a small sample of the people he influenced around the world. Bobby Bowden is the only person I’ve ever heard say anything negative about, and he lived for 91 years.

Even though he was a legend, he had to deal with a lot of heartbreak. He won two national titles and had a chance to win many more, but he never allowed his potential to define him. He constantly gave his players credit for his accomplishments as a coach.

This morning, while I was sitting in church, I had an idea. I hope that after I’m gone, my children will regard me with the same reverence that Coach Bowden’s former players have shown for him today and over the years.

It’s something Coach Mike Norvell hinted at when he first met Coach Bowden in 2020. What if we approached life in the same way as Coach Bowden did? The world would be a far better place as a result. Today we lost the GOAT of FSU, but heaven received an angel.

Coach Bowden, may you rest in peace in paradise.


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