5 Takeaways From The Emmy Nominations For 2021

The Emmy nominations this year cover a period when the coronavirus pandemic threw the television industry into disarray. As a result, it’s understandable that some of the acts and performances announced on Tuesday might be a little… out of the ordinary.Cobra Kai, Netflix’s continuation of The Karate Kid franchise, is up for best comedy series. Lovecraft Country, a show that was effectively terminated by HBO when it opted not to produce a second season, received 18 nominations, including best drama series? Is Netflix’s mediocre comedy Emily in Paris, which was widely mocked for receiving a Golden Globe nomination this year, also up for an Emmy for best comedy series?Thankfully, this year’s nominees were mainly devoid of puzzling choices, and they did an outstanding job of showcasing both bright newcomers and old masters during a moment when industry lockdowns threatened to strangle the industry. It’s a reassuring sign that in today’s TV environment, it’ll take more than a pandemic to wipe away creativity and outstanding work.


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